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Hello to the discerning, quality conscious connoisseurs that recognize Epic Fine art when they see it. If you came here via INSTAGRAM, because you have an immediate need for a certain image printed and framed that is posted there. Please send me an email and we can make it land at your place ASAP. When finished we will bring you collections of fine art work for you to be able to hang it on your walls without any fuss. A simplified ordering system, fantastic quality printing and framing to ensure your eyeballs will enjoy this art on your walls for a VERY long time. Recent Testimonial: Kerry Phillips has an incredible eye and also exceptional attention to detail! A particular image of Kerry's caught and held my interest and I was fortunate to be able to purchase it for my bed and breakfast, Grace House in Niagara on the Lake. Kerry was amazing arranging to get the print to me. He kept in touch with me while it was in transit, and was concerned that it arrived safely. He was very specific with me to examine the packaging to make sure that the work was flawless, which it was on arrival... still is! Kerry even helped provide me with suggestions for appropriate mounting and framing. I am very pleased with the image and can without any reservations recommend Kerry to you as an artist, a very professional photographer and also a high quality service provider from the beginning of the process to the end. Fabulous. Really wonderful. Thanks so very much Kerry.

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